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Termination of No-Cost Runtime Licenses

January 8, 2016 – Beginning in December of 2008 with version 8.0 of FLAMES and up through version 13.0 of FLAMES, licenses to most FLAMES runtime products were available at no cost. The termination clause of the License Agreement that accompanied and governed the use of these products stated, in part,

“Ternion may terminate this Agreement at any time.”

Ternion has decided to exercise this clause and to discontinue the no-cost runtime license program. Effective immediately, all licenses to version 8.0 through version 13.0 FLAMES runtime products that were obtained at no cost (hereafter “runtime products”) are terminated. Continued use of these runtime products, except as described in the next paragraph, is a violation of the License Agreement.

If you are a user of the runtime products and wish to continue using them, you must obtain a new license to the runtime products from Ternion. For a limited time, there are a number of special offers in place to allow most existing users of the runtime products to obtain new licenses at dramatically discounted prices and to continue to use the runtime products until new licenses have been received. You or your organization may have been contacted by Ternion already with information about these special offers. If not, please contact Ternion immediately to see if you qualify and to receive a quotation. After the special offers expire, new licenses to runtime products will have to be purchased at full price.

This announcement does not apply to licenses to FLAMES runtime and development products that were purchased from Ternion. It also does not apply to educational licenses, in-progress evaluation licenses, or licenses to version 14.0 or later of FLAMES products.