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FLAMES 15.0 Released

Huntsville, AL – November 28, 2016 –  Ternion® Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES®, version 15.0. This new version includes well over 100 changes and enhancements that make FLAMES-based applications even more powerful and easy-to-use. See the What’s New in Version 15.0 manual in the FLAMES documentation for complete information on these and other enhancements.

FLAMES 15.0 Enhancements

User Interface Enhancements. Several miscellaneous enhancements have been made to the user interface of FORGE and FLASH, including:

  • The currently-selected Unit is highlighted in yellow in the 2D View.
  • A button has been added to the FORGE Status window that opens the entity editing window for the entity that generated the selected configuration error or warning message.
  • A filter field has been added to entity selector windows that lets you filter the list of entities to include only those with a name that begins with the characters you enter.
  • The 2D View preferences now support scaling 2D icons.

Command Editing Enhancements. Command and command input editing in FORGE and FLASH have been enhanced in many ways, including:

  • You can now set the value of distance, speed, and angle inputs using your mouse in the 2D View.
  • You can now select the unit of measure (UOM) for an input and the value of an enumeration input directly from a drop-down menu.
  • For some types of inputs, you can now right-click an input’s Name or Value field to access options for setting the value using your mouse.
  • For some types of inputs, you can now double-click the Name field to select the default option for setting the value using your mouse.
  • Airspace objects displayed in the 2D View can now be selected with the mouse to insert their name as the value of an input.
  • In the properties of entity objects, tags can now be added that can be used to validate the value of an object name input.
  • The list of commands now includes columns that display the estimated time the command will complete and a list of the command’s inputs and input values.
  • When adding or initiating a new command, the initial values of the inputs are usually set automatically.

Unit Commander Enhancements. The Unit Commander in FORGE and FLASH has been enhanced to allow commands to be initiated simultaneously for multiple Units.

Unit Controller Enhancements. The Unit Controller in FORGE and FLASH has been enhanced to support editing commands for inactive Units. In addition, the currently-executing command is now highlighted green in the Commands list.

Unit Monitor Enhancements. The Unit Monitor window in FORGE and FLASH has been enhanced to display status information that is generated by the models attached to the Unit. Custom models developed with the FLAMES Development Suite can now write information to this window.

Support for International Dates. You can now configure a Windows® computer such that you can use language-specific month abbreviations in dates entered in FLAMES graphical applications.

Context Sensitive Help. Many of the component parameter-editing windows in FORGE now include a Help button. Clicking this button opens the FLAMES documentation to the topic that describes the component. You can also add context sensitive help to the user interface of the custom components you develop with the FLAMES Development Suite.

FLARE Enhancements. FLARE has been enhanced to allow the text of every entered command and the output generated from every command to be captured in log files

Command and Pattern Input Enhancements. Several new features are available to developers when defining inputs for patterns and cognition model commands, including,

  • You can create a custom function that will validate the value for inputs of type Name and Entity
  • You can create a custom function that will allow the user to select a value from a window for inputs of type Name
  • You can specify the name of one or more tags that must be defined for an entity object whose name is entered for an input of type Entity
  • You can now define inputs with a datatype of Angle. The user can set the value of angles using the mouse to in the 2D View.

Jewel Enhancements.  Several enhancements have been made to Jewel, the FLAMES graphical user interface (GUI) subsystem, including:

  • LISTs defined in template files now support the POPUPEXPOSE event.
  • REGIONs defined in template files now support the KEY_PRESS, KEY_REPEAT, and KEY_RELEASE events.
  • C++ style comments may now be entered in template files.
  • Error messages generated by the Template Compiler are now more descriptive. In addition, you can now double-click the error message in the Visual Studio Output window to open the template file to the line that is the cause of the error.

FLAMES customers with active software maintenance can receive version 15.0 upon request at no additional cost. Please contact customer support to make your request.

Click here for instructions on how to request a no-cost evaluation copy of the FLAMES Runtime Suite or the FLAMES Development Suite.