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FLAMES 14.0 Released

Huntsville, AL – November 30, 2015 – Ternion® Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES®, version 14.0. This new version of FLAMES is loaded with enhancements that simplify the development of FLAMES-based simulations, make those simulations more capable, and make all FLAMES applications easier and more enjoyable to use.

FLAMES 14.0 Enhancements

Some of the most significant enhancements in version 14.0 are summarized below. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES documentation for additional details on these and other enhancements.

Scenario Explorer. FORGE includes a totally new window called the Scenario Explorer which provides a hierarchical listing of the names of all the objects that make up the currently loaded scenario. From this window, you can open most of the other windows in FORGE and view the definition of every object.

UOM Fields. New “unit-of-measure” (UOM) fields in FORGE allow you to choose the UOM in which numerical values are entered. Developers may also use UOM fields in the user interface of custom components.

Resizable Windows. Almost every window in FORGE and FLASH (and most other FLAMES applications) can be resized. Most windows in in FORGE and FLASH can be docked in the application’s main window.

Enhanced Window Docking. Window docking is much more flexible. Any existing dock region can now be split into multiple dock regions, allowing almost limitless variety in the way you choose to arrange windows.

Updated Components. All of the components that are bundled with FLAMES have been updated to take full advantage of the new resizable and dockable windows and to make use of the new UOM fields.

Enhanced Window Restore. Automatic window restore in FORGE and FLASH has been enhanced to optionally be file-independent. Now you can arrange windows just the way you want them and keep that arrangement for all scenario and playback files, even if you have never opened the files before.

GUI Layouts. Three new types of user interface layouts are available to developers that automatically control the position and size of the user interface objects defined within them. Explicit positions and sizes no longer need to be specified.

Radio Buttons. Developers may now define and use “radio buttons” in the user interface of custom components.

Larger Map Images. Map images that can be used to render the background of the 2D views of FORGE and FLASH can now be much larger. In addition, a new option is supported to use cache files that allow map images to be loaded faster.

Free trial copies of version 14.0 of the FLAMES Runtime Suite are available upon request.

FLAMES Development Suite customers with active software maintenance can receive version 14.0 upon request at no additional cost. Please contact customer support to make your request.