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FLAMES 12.0.2 Released

Huntsville, AL – September 10, 2014 – Ternion® Corporation released FLAMES®, version 12.0.2. This version is an incremental release correcting minor issues found since FLAMES version 12.0.1. The following updates are included.

  • Updates to the Enhanced 3D Scene Importer to make it compatible with output generated by version 6.2.3 of Terra Vista.
  • Updates to the software that processes experiment files to correctly read lines of text that are more than 1,000 characters long.
  • Adding support for the FViewOverlayGetName function.

Version 12.0.2 is an update to both the Runtime Suite and the Development Suite. If you have version 12.0 or version 12.0.1 of the FLAMES Runtime Suite installed on your computer, you should upgrade to version 12.0.2 by downloading and installing the 12.0.2 update. If you are a licensee to the Development Suite with active software maintenance, please contact Ternion for instructions on how to download the 12.0.2 Development Suite update, which will be provided at no additional cost. (Note that you do not need to upgrade to version 12.0.2 of the Development Suite if you do not need to call the new FViewOverlay function in your custom software.)