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FLAMES 12.0.1 Released

Huntsville, AL – March 31, 2014 – Ternion® Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES®, version 12.0.1. This version is an incremental release which adds valuable enhancements and minor corrections to FLAMES version 12.0. The following updates are included. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES documentation for additional details on these and other updates. 

Support for International Characters. Create Units, commands, patterns and more in your own language! On Windows® computers, FLAMES graphical applications now allow you to enter international characters in almost every field where English characters can be entered.Support for International Characters

Disabling the Start of a Unit. Now, the START command allows the start of a Unit to be disabled. Likewise, the START script statement supports the NEVER clause, which disables the start of a Unit.

FTEAM Now Supported Primary Class. FTeam is now a supported primary class when the datatype of a cognition model command input or a pattern input is set to Entity.

Interface Tags on Dictionary Entries. Text strings, called tags, may now be associated with a dictionary entry. Tags allow specific dictionary entries to be identified as acceptable inputs to the patterns and cognition model commands that you create.

Additional Exported Functions. Several additional functions in fmodel.dll and fmodelutil.dll have been exported so that they can be called from custom models.

Updates & Corrections. A few minor user interface, 2D View, and memory errors have been corrected.

Version 12.0.1 is an update to both the Runtime Suite and the Development Suite. If you have version 12.0 of the FLAMES Runtime Suite installed on your computer, you should upgrade to version 12.0.1 by downloading and installing the 12.0.1 update. If you are a licensee to the Development Suite with active software maintenance, please contact Ternion for instructions on how to download the 12.0.1 Development Suite update, which will be provided at no additional cost.