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FLAMES 11.0.2 Released

Huntsville, AL – July 26, 2013  FLAMES® version 11.0.2 has been released. This version is an incremental release correcting minor issues found in the FLAMES Runtime Suite since version 11.0.1 was released. The following updates are included:

  • All the updates included in version 11.0.1
  • A correction to a problem that intermittently caused a crash in FORGE when working with pattern parameters
  • A correction to intermittent problems with the zoom slider in the 2D view in FORGE and FLASH
  • A correction to intermittent problems when selecting Units from the Unit Controller window in FORGE and FLASH

Version 11.0.2 is an update to both the Runtime Suite and the Development Suite.

If you have version 11.0 or 11.0.1 of the FLAMES Runtime Suite installed on your computer, you should upgrade to version 11.0.2 by downloading and installing the 11.0.2 update. If you are a licensee to the Development Suite, please contact Ternion for instructions on how to download the 11.0.2 update to the Development Suite.