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FAST 3.2 Released

Huntsville, AL – July 15, 2020 – Ternion® Corporation is pleased to announce the release of  FAST™ version 3.2. Built upon the foundation of FLAMES 18.0 and featuring numerous quality of life improvements, this is the most powerful and user-friendly version of FAST yet.

If you have an active subscription license for FAST, you may receive version 3.2 at no cost. Contact customer support to upgrade to the latest edition.

FAST 3.2 Enhancements

Startup Window. The new FAST Startup window opens when the application starts. This all-in-one interface streamlines usage of FAST by providing immediate access to the most commonly used features, such as opening a scenario, creating a new scenario, and accessing documentation.

FAST startup window

Scenarios in Datasets. FAST now supports storing scenarios within datasets as a more centralized means of accessing data. While FAST 3.2 embraces the use of scenario datasets, compatibility with legacy FAST scenarios has been maintained.

64-bit Support. 64-bit processors are the standard in modern workstations. FAST 3.2 is built to use the 64-bit architecture, which improves performance and expands access to system resources.

Map Updates. FAST 3.2 introduces additional mapping capabilities to significantly improve the look and feel of the FAST map display. This includes more icons, new view preferences, and the ability to simultaneously display terrain elevation data and low resolution coastline information.

Import and Export Entities. As requested by users, FAST 3.2 adds support for importing and exporting certain types of entities within a given scenario. Both Units and Airspaces can be exported and shared with other FAST users, making multi-user scenario development a viable option for FAST users.