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Bulgarian Military University Uses FLAMES in Pilot Training

November 14, 2019Future pilots at the Bulgarian Military University are using the FLAMES Runtime Suite to develop flight simulations based on training manuals and handbooks. These simulations are used to facilitate essential pilot training for the Pilatus training aircraft, L-39 jet training aircraft, and F-16 fighter jets to build experience in flying in Bulgarian territory. The students use the Digital Terrain Importer included in the FLAMES Runtime Suite to import Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) files of Bulgaria in order to create accurate landscape for the training scenarios.

The Bulgarian Military University is a participant in Ternion’s FLAMES University/Education License™ (FUEL) program and continues to use FLAMES in valuable training exercises for their students. With a user-friendly graphical interface and powerful tools for scenario creation, visualization, and execution, FLAMES is the ideal simulation software for training and educational purposes.