FLAMES University/Education License Program

The FLAMES University/Education License™ (FUEL) program helps prepare students for a career in modeling and simulation and gives Universities free tools to aid the classroom in career preparation. The FUEL program provides no-cost licenses to the Premier configuration of the FLAMES Development Suite to qualified educational institutions for the purpose of education, training and the pursuit of masters and doctoral degrees.

  • Provides unlimited software licenses for classroom computers.
  • Offers student licenses for personal computers for a nominal fee of $99.
  • Covers non-commercial work of all staff and students at degree-granting institutions.
  • Includes licenses to the full FLAMES Runtime and Development Suites.
  • Upgrades to software will be sent upon requests and at no charge.
Dr. Salvador E. Barbosa, UAH Senior Research Scientist
“Having access to FLAMES as an instructional aid greatly enhanced the Combat Modeling course I taught. I was able to go from theoretical discussions on representing combat entities and operations, to tangible examples that illustrated those concepts. Additionally, FLAMES was used in assignments that required students to modify various parametric values and observe the effects of those changes on the outcome of operations. I found FLAMES to be a valuable tool in the course.”


FLAMES may be used in the classroom or for research as long as it is for educational purposes only. Plug-ins, scenarios, and other items generated with an academic license cannot be provided to any third party without Ternion’s advance consent. If your study is funded by a third party that requires the delivery of items developed using FLAMES, you will likely not qualify for an academic license. All license requests must be submitted through an application process and must meet criteria set by Ternion.


Licenses are free to educational institutions. To qualify, FLAMES must be installed on a computer (1) owned by the educational institution and (2) residing within a facility owned by the educational institution.

Licenses are $99 per year for personal computers owned by students.


Full on-line documentation, examples, and tutorials come with every FLAMES license. Customer support will be limited to software installation only. Technical support can be purchased in a package or by hour, charged to a credit card. Contact Ternion Customer Support at flames_support@ternion.com for more details.


FLAMES Training courses are available for a fee at Ternion’s headquarters in Huntsville, AL. Training courses may also be taught on campus for an additional fee. Contact flames_sales@ternion.com for pricing information.

Apply for an Academic License

Once you’ve determined that you meet the above requirements, fill out the Academic License Request Form. You will receive an e-mail response within 5 business days. If approved, the e-mail will include download and installation instructions.