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US Air Force 505th Demonstrated FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2005

We extend a huge thanks to our wonderful customers, the 505th Communications Squadron (505 CS) for being a part of our booth at I/ITSEC 2005 and demonstrating their FLAMES application, the Command and Control Weapons System Part Task Trainer (C2WSPTT).

The 505 CS under the 505th Command and Control Wing (505 CCW) developed the C2WSPTT to provide a low-cost, on-demand, resident modeling and simulation (M&S) capability to stimulate an Air and Space Operations enter (AOC) environment. Due to its innovative design, small footprint and reduced manpower requirements, C2WSPTT has proven to be an extremely cost effective M&S solution to meet a variety of requirements. C2WSPTT received the 2002 US Air Force Modeling and Simulation Award in the Cross-Functional Category.

A key component to C2WSPTT’s success was the 505 CS’ strategy to use Ternion Corporation’s Flexible Analysis development platform. FLAMES provided a single architecture for constructing air, space, land, sea, human, and environmental models. FLAMES ability to construct models in all domains made it possible to reduce the hardware and manpower controller. Since all models reside on the same platform, only one database is required and interactive control of the scenario is accomplished through one interface. There is no need for a distributed protocol to share data among disparate systems that requires expensive bandwidth. This allowed C2WSPTT to be a stand-alone system that can be scheduled on demand. Additionally, FLAMES supports DIS and HLA protocols, so C2WSPTT can interface with other virtual and constructive models in a distributed environment.

US Air Force Demonstrates FLAMES at I/ITSEC