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Ternion Announces New Academic License Program

June 27, 2013 – Ternion Corporation is now providing free licenses to the Premier configuration of the FLAMES Development Suite for qualifying educational institutions under its new FLAMES University/Education License (FUEL) program.

FUEL is intended to get FLAMES into the classroom and help students prepare for careers in modeling and simulation. FUEL is free to qualified educational institutions and only $99 a year for qualified students wishing to use FLAMES on their personal computers. Full on-line documentation, examples, and tutorials come with every FLAMES license to help interested students and teachers start their simulation projects as soon as possible.

Reaction to FLAMES has been positive within the academic community.  “[Our] research group agrees that FLAMES [is] a very competent product that takes a comprehensive hold on many aspects of modeling and simulation,” says Bjorn Persson, PhD student at the Swedish National Defence College.  “The open structure… allows the developer to use various languages and programming techniques… [the] simulation environment [allows] the developer to create exactly what is required for any particular simulation… Often user-friendliness and user freedom are in conflict, but by adapting the general programming guidelines for FLAMES, they are both achieved.”

Training classes are available for a fee at Ternion’s headquarters in Huntsville, AL or on campus for an additional fee.