FLAMES Runtime Suite

The FLAMES® Runtime Suite includes a set of fully-functional, ready-to-use applications, called the “standard applications”, that allow you to create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios. The moment the Runtime Suite is installed on your computer, you can use these applications to simulate many different types of systems in support of a wide variety of simulation requirements.


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FORGE – FORGE™ is an integrated, easy-to-use, graphical application that can create, execute, visualize, and control FLAMES scenarios

FIRE – FIRE™ is a non-graphical application that can execute FLAMES scenarios in batch mode

FLASH – In playback mode, FLASH™ can visualize a completed scenario using a playback file that was created by FORGE or FIRE. In the optional monitor mode, FLASH can visualize and control a scenario that is being executed by FORGE or FIRE.