Software Maintenance is available for Ternion’s off-the-shelf simulation products. It provides Technical Support and no-cost updates to the licensed products or their equivalents, ensuring that customers will have the latest enhancements and/or corrections to problems discovered in previous releases. Software Maintenance is the only means by which updates to Ternion’s off-the-shelf products are available.

The fee for Software Maintenance is a percentage of the cost of the applicable perpetual-term licenses (typically 20% when renewed on time). The first-year maintenance must be purchased with the product license. Software Maintenance must be renewed annually by the renewal date to receive the on-time price and to avoid a lapse in benefits or reinstatement fees. If desired, Software Maintenance can be pre-purchased for multiple years.

Limited-term license rentals include Technical Support and no-cost updates to newer versions of the applicable licensed products during the limited-term period.