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Ternion Reduces FLAMES Enterprise Edition Price by 40 Percent

May 18, 2010 – Ternion Corporation today announced a 40 percent price reduction on its FLAMES Enterprise Edition Development Suite, a powerful framework for developing custom constructive simulations and interfaces to other live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) simulations.

“FLAMES already contains the right mix of robust features and off-the-shelf capability for LVC simulation,” states Barlow Blake, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ternion Corporation. “The new, lower price of FLAMES will allow a larger number of customers to enjoy the benefits of FLAMES when developing and executing simulations.”

The FLAMES Enterprise Edition uses a plug-in component architecture. Software that models real-world systems and that extends FLAMES in other ways resides in separate component plug-ins. Users can quickly reconfigure the Enterprise Edition Runtime Suite to simulate almost any system and scenario imaginable by simply copying one or more of these plug-ins into the proper directory on their hard disks.

The FLAMES Enterprise Edition Development Suite is used to develop custom plug-ins for FLAMES. Any plug-in can be executed with the Enterprise Edition Runtime Suite. Licenses for the FLAMES Runtime Suite are free, and plug-ins may also be distributed for free.