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Quantum3D Demonstrated FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003

Quantum3D®, a high-end Image Generator (IG) company, has put together a solution for integrating a Semi-Automated Forces (SAF)-based simulation with a 60hz IG. To accomplish this, the following issues had to be resolved:

  1. DIS and HLA bring dead-reckoning problems such as low PDU rates
  2. The following requirements must be met by the SAF:
    • 60hz hook into a SAF to populate a real-time scenario stream
    • Method to hook up a host simulator to the same stream
    • A direct Computer Image Generator Interface (CIGI) interface to eliminate translation
    • Correlation between the SAF database and a visual database
    • Ability to drive additional data such as radar data and HUD/HDD data
    • Ability to hook to DIS/HLA scenarios as needed for distributed exercises

Quantum3D identified Ternion Corporation’s FLAMES as the product with the required interfaces. FLAMES allowed Quantum3D to build a direct 60hz CIGI interface to run the scenario. Completion time for the project was about 6 weeks.

Quantum3D added CIGI extensions to FLAMES to support special effects, states, and animations; visual realism; camera model; and HUD/Radar/HDD data. Quantum3D implemented the FLAMES Advanced Correlated Terrain (FACT) Option to achieve scenario correlation to a visual database. No Image Generator mission functions were required.

Quantum 3D IG integrated with FLAMES at I/ITSEC

Quantum3D demonstrating FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003