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PEO STRI EPG C3Driver Demonstrated FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003

As subcontractors to Lockheed Martin Information Systems, Ternion Corporation supports the U.S. Army’s Command, Control, and Communications Driver (C3D) program with the development of the Command and Control Low Overhead Driver (C2LOD). Built using FLAMES, C2LOD provides a common simulation for testing each of the C4I systems. C2LOD simulates each unit in a battle, including weapons, sensors, platforms, communications, and the soldier’s cognitive behavior. Messages are generated in precise military formats to be sent across tactical networks to the applicable system or operator.

A secondary (but equally important) part of C3Driver is the ability to perform training at the site where the tested systems are deployed. The simulation provided by C2LOD will enable operators to train “in-garrison” in the context of a real battle on a single computer at the actual deployment site. This better equips operators to be fully effective in a true battlefield situation.