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NATO C3 Agency Demonstrated FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003

Thank you to our loyal customers at the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A) for demonstrating their Integrated Command and Control software for Air Operations (ICC) and their FLAMES-based ICC Training Capability (ITC).

The “NATO-wide Integrated Command and Control software for Air Operations” (ICC) is an integrated C3I environment that provides information management and decision support to NATO Combined Air Operations Centers (CAOCs) during peacetime, exercise and wartime. ICC also provides related mission-essential functions to command echelons above and below the CAOC. The ICC provides functional support for the most critical functions of the air command and control cycle, such as Planning & Tasking, Airspace Control Order (ACO) / Air Task Order (ATO) / Air Task Message (ATM) production, and mission monitoring and reporting.

To maximize the operational effectiveness of the ICC, the staffs of NATO and NATO member nations must have frequent training in using the ICC in the context of realistic military operations. The ICC Training Capability (ITC) makes this training possible and affordable.

With the guidance and sponsorship of NC3A, Ternion Corporation developed the ITC using FLAMES. The robust and open architecture of FLAMES enabled the development of system models that precisely matched the ICC training requirements. FLAMES’ support for modeling human cognitive behavior enabled the ITC to execute on a single computer with little or no role-player support. The foundation for many essential ITC features, including direct ICC database import and direct messaging interfaces to ICC systems, was supplied by FLAMES’ comprehensive library of support services. Perhaps most importantly, the mature, object-oriented framework provided by FLAMES allowed the ITC to be developed quickly and inexpensively.

See also the “ITC, FLAMES as an Embedded C2 Training Tool” PowerPoint presentation given at the FLAMES User Group Conference May 2003.


NC3A Demonstrating FLAMES-Based ITC at I/ITSEC