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Ternion Corporation at I/ITSEC 2006

At I/ITSEC 2006, Ternion demonstrated the power of FLAMES for testing, training, and analysis applications.

Highlights from I/ITSEC

A Better Way to Build High-Fidelity Virtual Simulators – Ternion’s exhibit included a flight simulator that demonstrated how FLAMES can support the development of high-fidelity virtual simulators.

FLAMES and PHX ModelCenter for Serious Systems Analysis Tasks – Phoenix Integration illustrated the benefits of using its product, PHX ModelCenter, with FLAMES in a joint product demo.

What’s New in FLAMES 6.1 – Ternion showed off new features from its latest FLAMES release.

Ternion also held a FLAMES User Group Meeting and Breakfast on Tuesday morning during I/ITSEC 2006.

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