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Diamond Visionics’ GenesisRTX IG Interfaces with FLAMES

Tucson, AZ December 3, 2012Cogent3D, Inc. announced that Diamond Visionics (DVC) has interfaced its GenesisRTX™ image generator (IG) with Ternion’s FLAMES® FORGE/FIRE software with its new CIGI functionality to drive moving models in GenesisRTX IG’s high-density scenarios.

GenesisRTX IG provides high-fidelity, real-time image generation without requiring off-line terrain database generation, dynamically constructing 3D scenes at run-time directly from GIS source data. This affords GenesisRTX customers cost savings over the life of a program.

FLAMES is a family of commercial off-the-shelf software products that provide a framework for composable constructive simulation and interfaces among Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) simulations. Its open, object-oriented architecture gives its users the flexibility to create custom simulations that are tailored to their exact requirements and to modify their simulations easily as requirements change.

At I/ITSEC 2012, Diamond Visionics showcased its New York City high-density dataset with FORGE/FIRE controlling the ships as well as the fixed and rotary wing aircraft moving entities.

“This project has given us the opportunity to demonstrate how well FLAMES can support high-end image generation,” said Brad Spearing, President of Ternion and FLAMES Product Manager.

“The Integration of GenesisRTX IG and Ternion FLAMES FORGE/FIRE gives Diamond Visionics a robust framework for live, virtual, and constructive simulations that enhances our Genesis product maturity,” said Dave Gdovin, President of Diamond Visionics.