Ternion® Corporation develops, sells, and supports commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) simulations that are used by the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries worldwide. These simulations give you an immediate, low-cost, low-risk simulation capability that can address many requirements right out of the box.

FLAMES Runtime Suite – A family of simulation products that can be configured to suit your needs. The Runtime Suite is supplied with models of many different types of systems, several example scenarios, and everything you need to execute, visualize, and control scenarios that you create yourself.

FLAMES Automated Simulation Trainer (FAST) – A turn-key training simulation providing dynamic, embedded in-garrison and in-the-field training for operators of aviation and military command and control systems.

While these COTS simulations provide tremendous capability the moment they are installed, Ternion understands that no two organizations have identical requirements. Consequently, all of Ternion’s simulations, whether they are COTS or custom, are developed using the unique and powerful FLAMES simulation framework. This allows our simulations to be extended and customized quickly and inexpensively to address the specific requirements of almost any organization.