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FLAMES 9.0 Released

Huntsville, AL – November 30, 2010 – Ternion® Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES®, version 9.0. Like the previous version, version 9.0 achieves a goal we have been working toward for many years. FLAMES now supports built-in semi-automated forces (SAF) capability.

Many other exciting enhancements are also included in this new version, some of which are summarized below. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES documentation for additional details on these and other enhancements.

FLAMES 9.0 Enhancements:

FLAMES 9.0 Released
Built-in SAF Capability. Building on the foundation of the Command Editor released in the previous version, FLAMES now supports distributed, interactive control of any player during scenario execution. This intuitive semi-automated forces (SAF) capability is now included in FLAMES right off the shelf. Just as important, all of your custom models can take advantage of this new capability, and you can write custom applications that can control players as well.

64-bit Support. A new version of FLAMES has been created to support 64-bit Windows computers. This new version uses a 64-bit address space and can, therefore, support much larger scenarios and terrain databases.

New Path-finding Algorithm. FLAMES supports a new service for managing roads with an all new path-finding algorithm. The ground vehicle driver and platform models that are bundled with FLAMES have been updated to make use of this new algorithm. These models also make use of the improved on-road movement algorithms that have been added to FLAMES.

3D Scene Improvements. The Enhanced 3D Scene Importer has been improved to support smaller 3D Scene datasets, faster dataset load times, reduced memory usage, and faster scene rendering, in some cases in excess of 35% faster according to internal tests..

New User Settings. FORGE and FLASH now store user-specific settings that, among other things, allow you to quickly open any recently-opened scenario or playback file. The settings also store the location and size of open windows so they can automatically be restored when a given scenario or playback file is re-opened.

New Status Windows. Most FLAMES applications support “status windows” that display a feedback or status message after every operation. These windows have been enhanced to support copying, saving, and clearing status messages.

Checkpoint/Restart Enhancements. Checkpoint/Restart has been enhanced to work on computers running the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

New Track Units Mode. The 2D views of both FORGE and FLASH now support a new Track Unit viewing mode that keeps the view centered on the specified Unit.

Player Translation. One or more players, including all of their input coordinates, can be translated to a different location with just a few mouse clicks.

Updated Ship Models. The ship models that are bundled with FLAMES have been updated to support maritime corridor and formation movement.

Dynamic Command Editing. FLAMES now supports a full-featured set of functions that allow custom software to dynamically access and edit the commands defined for a player. Most of these functions can also be called from custom FLAMES interactive client applications.

GUI Development Enhancements. The FLAMES Window Viewer is a new application that makes it easier to define the graphical user interface (GUI) for custom models.

More C++ Models. Four more of the models that are bundled with FLAMES have been converted to C++ to provide additional examples of how to development models for FLAMES in C++. The source code to these models, like all bundled models, is included with FLAMES development products.

Free runtime copies of FLAMES, version 9.0 are available by request.

Customers with active software maintenance will receive version 9.0 upon request at no additional cost. Please contact customer support to make your request.