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FLAMES 8.1 Released

Huntsville, AL – December 21, 2009 – Ternion Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES, version 8.1. This version includes some of the most exciting enhancements ever added to FLAMES. If you’ve looked at FLAMES before, you will definitely want to look at it again.

Some of the most obvious enhancements in version 8.1 are summarized below. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES documentation for additional details on these and other enhancements.

FLAMES 8.1 Enhancements:

New Command Editor. FLAMES now includes a new interactive Command Editor that allows scenarios to be created without having to see or edit any script statements and without having to learn any details about any models. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily FLAMES scenarios can now be created and edited.

User Defined Teams. FLAMES now allows you to define an unlimited number of teams and an unlimited number of alliances, which specify the relationship between teams. Alliances can be nested (alliances can include other alliances), and alliances can specify asymmetrical relationships.

New Example Models. Five new cognition models have been added to the example models included with FLAMES, including a new fixed wing aircraft pilot model, rotary wing aircraft pilot model, and air traffic controller model. These new models define over 40 new commands that demonstrate and exploit the features of the new Command Editor. Some of these commands support fully-automated aircraft landing and takeoff operations at an airport under the control of an air traffic controller.

New Tutorials. FLAMES includes all new tutorials that illustrate the new way to build scenarios using the new Command Editor. In addition, several new demonstration tutorials are included. These tutorials are fully-constructed scenarios that illustrate some of the types of scenarios that can be created with FLAMES and the example models included with FLAMES.

FLAMES 8.1 Released

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New 2D View Example Overlay. The software that draws the Units in the 2D Views of FORGE and FLASH has been moved out of the FLAMES product software and placed in a new example 2D Units overlay class. As an example class, this software is now included in source code with FLAMES development products and can be completely customized. The new overlay supports the display of Unit annotations (such as name, speed, and altitude) that are automatically refreshed during scenario execution.

3D Icon Enhancements. FLAMES Enhanced 3D icons have been enhanced to support intersection calculations. In addition, the coordinates of the vertices of polygons in an Enhanced 3D icon can now be retrieved by models. For an example, look at the new Airport tutorial scenario to see how the airplanes rest exactly on the bottom of the landing gear wheels when they are on the ground.

New FTerrain Functions. Several new FTerrain functions allow model developers to specify whether the polygons associated with features located above the terrain are considered in terrain-related calculations.

Free runtime copies of FLAMES, version 8.1 are available by request.

Customers with active software maintenance will receive version 8.1 upon request at no additional cost. Please contact customer support to make your request.