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FLAMES 8.0.1 Released

Huntsville, AL – February 16, 2009 – Ternion Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES, version 8.0.1. This is the first full release of the new FLAMES Enterprise and Professional Editions. Version 8.0 was only released as a runtime version of the FLAMES Enterprise Edition on December 2, 2008.

Some of the most obvious new features of version 8.0.1 are summarized below. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES documentation for additional details on these and other product enhancements.

FLAMES 8.0.1 Enhancements:

New Enterprise Edition. Beginning with version 8.0.1, FLAMES is available in two editions: the FLAMES Professional Edition and the FLAMES Enterprise Edition. The Professional Edition is the new name for the entire product line of previous versions of FLAMES. The Enterprise Edition is a brand new edition of FLAMES. This new edition is sold using an entirely new licensing model in which most runtime licenses are available at no cost. The Enterprise Edition also makes it much easier to configure custom simulations and distribute custom simulation components.

Multithreading Option Enhancements. The FLAMES Multithreading option has been greatly enhanced to support the parallelization of Unit motion. Now, both sensor detection and Unit motion can be parallelized. For large and/or complex scenarios, the performance of scenario execution on computers with multiple processors or multi-core processors usually improves dramatically with the Multithreading option enabled.

New 2D Icons. This version includes support for a new type of 2D icon that is used to render players in FLAMES 2D views. These enhanced 2D icons can support textures, state changes, animation, and articulation. Like FLAMES 3D icons, the state of the 2D icons can be controlled during scenario execution by input script and by models. This version also includes a powerful application for creating and editing enhanced 2D icons.

3D View Enhancements. The 3D Views in FLAMES applications have been enhanced to support ambient light settings and haze settings. These settings can be enabled and changed from the view preferences window.

C++ Example Models. To provide more support for FLAMES customers who are developing models in C++, several of the FLAMES example models have been converted from C to C++. Like all example models, the source code to the C++ examples models is included with development configurations.

Customers with active software maintenance will receive version 8.0.1 upon request at no additional cost. Please contact customer support to make your request.