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FLAMES 5.2 Released

Huntsville, AL – October 15, 2004– Ternion Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES, version 5.2. We’ve added another option to give users a high-end 3D visualization capability fully integrated with the FLAMES product line. We’ve also made multiple enhancements to FLAMES, some of which are described below. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES 5.2 documentation for more details.

New FLAMES 5.2 Option:

  • Enhanced 3D Option allows you to visualize FLAMES scenarios using scenes drawn with high-resolution, texture-based, three-dimensional (3D) graphics. Scenes are rendered using spatial databases and 3D visual models in MultiGen® OpenFlight® format. This new option dramatically improves the 3D visualization capability of FORGE and FLASH and allows models in FIRE to control the appearance of 3D icons (visual models).

FLAMES 5.2 Enhancements:

  • Display Interpolation in Playback and Monitor. Scenario Playback and Scenario Monitor in FLASH both support a new 3D View interpolation mode. In this mode, the 3D View can be refreshed more frequently than the frequency of scenario data updates. The frequency of refresh is specified by user inputs. Unit positions and orientations are automatically interpolated before each view refresh to move the Units gradually to the next position specified in the scenario data. Depending on the size and complexity of the scenario and the performance of the computer and graphics hardware, Unit motion can appear smooth even when scenario data update intervals are large.
  • Continuous Playback Mode Added. A new switch on the FLASH Playback window allows Playback to automatically start over when it reaches the end of a playback file.
  • Playback Reset Does Not Re-Load All Datasets. Resetting or rewinding a playback file no longer re-loads all datasets. In general, any dataset that has not been modified since the last playback is not reloaded. Large datasets such as terrain and 3D scene datasets are usually not reloaded resulting in a dramatic increase in the speed of reset and rewind operations.
  • New 3D Camera Control. The viewpoint, or viewing “camera”, of the main 3D View window in FLASH can now be controlled by script statements in the scenario. The new CONTROL CAMERA statement allows the 3D View window’s viewing mode and viewing positions to be specified within the executable section of any Unit or Task script.
  • Improved 3D View Controls.The viewing controls on the 3D View window have been completely redesigned to allow the 3D View to be manipulated much more easily.
  • Enhanced Monte Carlo Execution. Multiple enhancements have been made to FLAMES to provide even greater support for Monte Carlo execution and parametric trade studies: Case numbers can be assigned to runs, scenario variables now use case numbers, and case number have been added to standard FLAMES recorders.
  • Enhanced Dataset Access Privileges. FORGE now allows scenario dataset access privileges to be defined that apply to all the datasets owned by a given user. The user interface for granting privileges has also been improved. Granting access privileges on individual datasets continues to be supported.
  • Passwords Added to FLAMES User Names. Passwords may now be defined for FLAMES scenario database users. If a password is defined, it must be provided whenever a user attempts to log in to FORGE or any other FLAMES application that allows the scenario database to be edited interactively. Passwords are defined using the FLAMES Administrator Tool.
  • Enhanced HLA. The FLAMES HLA option now includes support for time management and additional RTIs. In addition, several new functions have been added to the application programming interface.

Customers with active software maintenance will receive version 5.2 upon request at no additional cost. The FLAMES Enhanced 3D Option is sold separately. Please contact Ternion Corporation at or call +1 (256) 881-9933 for details and pricing.