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FLAMES 5.1 Released

Huntsville, AL – August 22, 2003 – Ternion Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES, version 5.1. We’ve added another option to give FLAMES even more off-the-shelf capability. We’ ve also made over 100 changes and enhancements to FLAMES, some of which are described below. See the What’s New section of the FLAMES 5.1 documentation for more details.

New FLAMES 5.1 Option:

  • FLAMES Correlated Feature Option allows your FLAMES scenarios to include data describing cultural features such as roads, rivers, lakes, bridges, buildings, forested areas, and farm land. Like FLAMES Advanced Correlated Terrain (FACT) option released in version 5.0, the Correlated Feature Option imports data from detailed, 3D spatial databases created with Terra Vista ProBuilder from TERREX. The feature data can be fully correlated with the terrain data imported by FACT as well as with real-time 3D visual simulation terrain databases generated by Terra Vista ProBuilder. In addition, feature geometry and attribute data is accessible by FLAMES models to support such operations as line-of-sight calculations and driving on roads and bridges.

New FLAMES 5.1 Enhancements:

  • Terrain Map Display Enhancements. When both Correlated Terrain and Correlated Feature data are loaded, the 2D Terrain Map in FORGE and FLASH can display features, such as roads, river, lakes, and the tops of buildings and bridges. Features are drawn to scale in the colors you specify.
  • 3D Display Enhancements. The 3D View in FORGE and FLASH has been enhanced to display features when both Correlated Terrain and Correlated Feature data are loaded. The surfaces of roads, rivers, bridges, and lakes can all be drawn in the color you specify. The tops and sides of buildings and tree canopies can also be drawn, to scale, in user-defined colors.
  • Terrain Service Enhancements. When Correlated Terrain data is loaded, the FLAMES FTerrain service allows access to the geometry and attributes of individual terrain polygons to support detailed calculations such as those found in path-finding algorithms.
  • FORGE Enhancements for Working With Features. Several additions have been made to the user interface of FORGE to make working with Correlated Feature data easier, including support for right-clicking on a feature to quickly display its name, new preferences to selectively display feature vector data by class, and multiple ways to easily paste feature names into text fields.
  • New MOVE Statement. The new MOVE ON “road” script statement allows paths to be defined for ground vehicles in much the same way that you would give driving directions to a friend.
  • New Ground Vehicle Model. A new, enhanced ground vehicle example model is now included with FLAMES that supports driving on roads defined in Correlated Feature data. The model also supports driving in traffic with other vehicles.
  • New Rotary Wing Model. A new rotary wing aircraft example model is now included with FLAMES. This model uses a basic flight model that includes support for vehicle pitch and roll as well as hovering. Flight modes similar to those supported by the example fixed wing model are supported, such as formation flying and terrain following.
  • Fixed Wing Model Enhancements. The example fixed wing aircraft model has been completely rewritten to support more realistic flight, user defined roll rate and lift coefficient, and better terrain following and formation flying.
  • New HOVER Statement. A new HOVER statement has been added, and a HOVER clause has been added to the MOVE script statement. These additions were made to support the definition of flight paths for the new rotary wing aircraft example model.
  • More Control Over Execution Rate. In addition to allowing scenario execution rate to be unconstrained or to be constrained to a user defined factor of wall-clock rate, you may now constrain scenario time to synchronize directly to the time on your computer.
  • New Model Copier. The FLAMES Code Generator has been enhanced to include a Model Copier tool to quickly copy and rename an existing FLAMES model. This new tool will copy and rename all the model source code files and change the names of all model variables, datatypes, and functions in the newly created files. It can be used to copy and rename FLAMES example models as well as other custom models.

Customers with active software maintenance will receive version 5.1 upon request at no additional cost. Please contact Ternion Corporation at or call +1 (256) 881-9933 for details and pricing.