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FLAMES 5.0 Released

Huntsville, AL – September 6, 2002 – Ternion Corporation is pleased to announce the release of FLAMES, version 5.0. It takes major enhancements to make a version of FLAMES worthy of a first digit version number change. We think you’ ll agree that FLAMES version 5.0 is worthy of its number. Outlined below are the two new options and a few of the many enhancements.

New FLAMES 5.0 Options:

  • FLAMES Advanced Correlated Terrain (FACT) Option allows you to include terrain data in your scenarios. Like the FLAMES Digital Terrain Option, this data can be used in calculations performed by models and for 2D and 3D display purposes. Unlike the Digital Terrain Option, FACT databases are constructed with Terra Vista Pro Builder from TERREX and, as such, can contain terrain attribute data and can be fully correlated with real-time 3D visual simulation terrain databases.
  • Multithreading Option allows FLAMES-based simulations to execute scenarios using two or more of the processors of a multiple-processor computer using a Windows operating system. Using this option will allow nearly any FLAMES scenario to execute more quickly. If you want to execute larger scenarios in the same amount of time, or if you want to execute your existing scenarios in less time, the Multithreading Option may be what you need.

New FLAMES 5.0 Enhancements:

  • Waypoint Editor Tool. Editing waypoints in FORGE is easier than ever. You can now move, add, and remove waypoints with your mouse directly in the 2D View. You can also use your mouse to select the Unit you want to edit.
  • Playback & Preview Enhancements. The Playback & Preview Control window is now easier to use and allows more control over the viewing process. New control buttons offer intuitive navigation similar to many media players, and precision fast-forward and rewind controls allow you to jump to a specific time on the simulation clock.
  • New Map Images. You can now create datasets containing multiple GeoTIFF maps for use in the 2D View. Once these datasets are loaded, you can change the 2D View map by making a selection from the convenient Select Map drop-down list on the FORGE and FLASH toolbars.
  • Enhanced 2D View Controls. Operations and settings relating to the 2D view in FORGE and FLASH are now much easier to use. Enhancements include: a new View menu that consolidates all the operations and settings related to the 2D view; tool buttons on the new tool bar for initiating pan and zoom operations; and a drop down list in the new tool bar that selects the map to be displayed in the 2D view.
  • GUI Improvements. Every window in every FLAMES graphical application has a new look. Each window is smaller (to use your valuable screen space more sparingly) and uses smaller, more attractive fonts. Tool bars with mouse-over tool tips are now present in windows throughout FORGE and FLASH. Nearly every frequently used operation can be performed with a single mouse click. You should notice an increase in your scenario editing speed immediately.
  • New Scenario Variables. Scenario variables allow you to define a single scenario whose inputs vary as the scenario is executed with different run numbers.
  • Longer Names Supported. You can now use up to 64 characters to name almost any item in your scenario, including datasets, Units, equipment, attributes, airspaces, and other entities. The limit was 31 characters in earlier versions of FLAMES.

Customers with an active software maintenance agreement will receive version 5.0 upon request at no additional cost. The FLAMES FACT Option and Multithreading Option are sold separately. Please contact Ternion Corporation at or call +1 (256) 881-9933 for details and pricing.