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FLAMES 4.4 Released

FLAMES Version 4.4 Features Powerful Checkpoint/Restart Option

Huntsville, AL – September 27, 2001 – Ternion Corporation today announced the general release of FLAMES Version 4.4. FLAMES, Ternion’s FLexible Analysis and Mission Effectiveness System, is the only commercially available, open architecture simulation framework that addresses all aspects of behavioral simulation development and use.

The 4.4 release adds an extremely powerful option to FIRE, the scenario execution application of FLAMES. This option, the Checkpoint/Restart Option, collects all of the data values of an executing scenario and saves them to disk in files called checkpoint files. In the event that a scenario execution does not complete as expected, users can restart FIRE using the data saved in one of the checkpoint files. Based on the information in the file, the internal variables of the scenario are restored, and the scenario begins running exactly as it was running at the point that the checkpoint file was created.

The Checkpoint/Restart Option addresses a critical requirement for FLAMES users who execute long-running scenarios – particularly training scenarios that can execute for days. Long executions are prone to being interrupted unexpectedly. A computer can crash. Power can go out in the building. A mistake made by those operating the simulation can nullify the benefit or results of the execution and force a decision to terminate it. With the FLAMES Checkpoint/Restart Option, the impact of the interruption can be minimized; hours and perhaps days of effort can be salvaged. By purchasing this powerful new option, users can add support for checkpoint/restart to any of their FLAMES-based simulations.

FLAMES Version 4.4 also includes several features provided at no additional cost to maintenance customers. These include: a new entity Properties window in FORGE that allows users to attach comments to any entity in a scenario; a way to cause FIRE to pause when it starts to allow client applications to be connected; and several additions to the application programming interface.

About Ternion Corporation

Since 1989, Ternion Corporation has focused on satisfying the growing requirements for military system and behavioral simulation by providing quality commercial simulation products and custom simulation development services. Ternion’s flagship product is FLAMES, the FLexible Analysis and Mission Effectiveness System, which is used successfully by government and commercial organizations worldwide. FLAMES is a family of computer software products that provides a mature simulation and modeling framework for behavioral simulations – computer programs that simulate the physical and cognitive behavior of complex entities that act and interact in time and space.