Ternion® Corporation develops, sells, and supports commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) simulations that are used by the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries worldwide. These simulations give you an immediate, low-cost, low-risk simulation capability that can address many requirements right out of the box.

While our COTS simulations provide tremendous capability the moment they are installed, Ternion understands that no two organizations have identical requirements. Consequently, all of Ternion’s simulations, whether they are COTS or custom, are developed using the unique and powerful FLAMES simulation framework, and all of our simulations have at their heart the identical core capability provided by FLAMES. All of our simulations are designed to be extended and customized quickly and inexpensively to address the specific requirements of almost any organization.

If you have a simulation requirement that cannot be satisfied by one of our COTS simulations, Ternion can still help you get the simulation you need using one or a combination of two approaches:

Buy From TernionTernion can develop extensions to our COTS simulations and customize them to your specific requirements

Build Your Own – You can use the FLAMES Development Suite to develop your own custom extensions to our COTS simulations

Following one or both of these approaches will often be the fastest and least expensive path to getting a custom simulation tailored to your specific requirements. Contact Ternion to find out how we can help you get the simulation you need – when you need it.