Ternion® Corporation develops commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) simulations and custom simulations tailored to specific requirements for the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries worldwide. All of Ternion’s simulations, whether they be COTS or custom, are developed using the unique and powerful FLAMES simulation framework, and all of our simulations have at their heart the identical core capability provided by FLAMES. Unlike many of the simulations available from others, all of Ternion’s simulations are designed from the ground up to be extended and customized quickly and inexpensively to address the specific requirements of almost any organization.

There are many aspects of Ternion’s simulations that can be modified or extended only by Ternion. However, there are many other aspects that can be modified and extended by our customers. In particular, the architecture of FLAMES places all of the software that simulates the behavior of real-world systems in components that “plug” into FLAMES-based applications.

By purchasing and using the FLAMES Development Suite, you can develop your own component plug-ins for any COTS or custom FLAMES-based simulation. This means that you can create and maintain models of any type of system you desire using your own software development team.

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