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ARA and AFRL/MN Demonstrated FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003

Using the FLAMES architecture, Applied Research Associates (ARA) is supporting the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate (AFRL/MN) in developing weapon systems for the next decade. FLAMES enabled ARA to develop system-of-systems simulation models very quickly and efficiently. In particular, the FLAMES architecture supports independent equipment modeling, allowing ARA to build models for various communications equipment, sensors, and munitions being considered for the AFRL conceptual weapon system. These equipment models can then be “plugged” into the system-of-systems simulation for sensitivity analysis of their impact.

Read more about how ARA/AFRL’s uses FLAMES.

See also the “MS&A of Advanced Weapon Concepts in a System of Systems Environment Using FLAMES” PowerPoint presentation given at the FLAMES User Group Conference May 2003.

ARA and AFRL Demonstrating FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003

ARA and AFRL Demonstrating FLAMES at I/ITSEC 2003