What is FLAMES?:

FLAMES software is a superstructure for developing fully-customizable constructive simulations. Military and commercial markets have been using this cost-effective, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for over 25 years. FLAMES is ideal for systems analysis, training and other combat simulations in which many objects are interacting together in time and space. In addition to FLAMES, Ternion Corporation offers technical support, personalized training and the development of FLAMES-based applications according to customer specifications.


FLAMES is used for:

  • Wargaming and large-scale training exercises
  • Embedded, deployable C4ISR training simulation
  • Semi-automated forces simulation
  • Systems analysis and design
  • Parametric trade studies and Monte-Carlo analysis
  • Mission planning and mission rehearsal
  • Integration of live, virtual, and constructive simulation
  • Live system stimulation and testing
  • Hardware in-the-loop simulation